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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  April 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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at the top tonight, a dramatic scene in fairfax county. two people rescued from ravine.
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they jumped to avoid getting hit by a train. one of the two was injured. the train was a vre commuter train headed for manassas. a medic on board the train was able to help the injured man until crews arrived. passengers were delayed two hours because of this incident. good evening, i'm any doreen gensler. >> i'm jim vance. at howard university, suspension of athletes from competition. they won't say how many. it involves an internal investigation into possible ncaa rules violations. shamari stone has our report. >> reporter: ashley macpherson is surprised and disappointed. howard university suspended spring student athletes for possible ncaa violations. >> athletic department needs all the strength we can get. >> reporter: the school spokesperson sent a written
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statement saying, quote -- >> as a student i am kind of confused. i don't know why they're suspending athletics. i have friend on the track team. tennis team. they're affected by it. >> reporter: officials won't tell us how many athletes have been suspended. >> it saddens me because -- a lot of the -- athletes here are my friend. >> while the university investigates, most teams will still compete as scheduled. and students will support their athletes. >> i hope they can continue to play and make contribution to the university. >> reporter: howard university officials did not say how long this investigation will take. meanwhile, ncaa won't comment on any current, pending or even potential investigations. in northwest d.c. shamari stone.
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news 4. >> two hate crimes under investigation at university of maryland. some one, vandalized an elevator with anti-semitic messages. a faculty member found a noose hanging in an area, the school under renovation. police don't believe the two are connected. the university president says hate crimes will not be tolerated at maryland. >> tonight, students at university of maryland, join students at about 1,000 college campus as cross this country for a vigil for trayvon martin. they're demanding justice and an arrest. it is called, let's light up the sky. as jim handley reports, the kids voice their outrage through silence. >> the time of death, and right now, we are going to start with silence. >> reporter: more than 150 candles lit up the courtyard at the cultural center on campus. student and faculty drawn together by twitter and facebook trying to make a difference.
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>> those who are holding candles while be our next leaders who will question the system, who will question laws that are on the book which justify homicide. >> reporter: almost six weeks after trayvon martin's death and on the anniversary of martin luther king's assassination, they stood in silence and in unity with students at 999 other college campuses. >> eventually justice will come. we keep doing something like this. like it is not going to happen overnight. keep working. >> it can't stop here. you know what i am saying. we got to keep it going. got to be an every day thing. we got to continue to betray vonn m -- be trayvon martin. >> reporter: keeping the message of trayvon alive through social media. in southwest d.c. tonight, people honored the life of martin luther king jr. at the memorial that bears his name. king was assassinated 44 years ago in memphis. low could, national, world
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leaders, held a vigil. the grandson of ghandi says king was one of the few leaders who understood the philosophy of nonviolence. the speakers urged people to continue king's legacy. >> information about whitney houston's final hours. the coroner released the final autopsy today. it reveals in addition to cocaine, the singer had  marijuana, xanax, benadryll and muscle relaxer in her system. according to the coroner, whitney houston was found face down in 13 inches of extremely hot water and suffered several ald burns on her face. her assistant reports she told houston to take a bath after the singer come planned eer compla throat. the coroner ruled that houston's death was accidental and that she drowned due to the effects of heart disease and cocaine use. >> the long, difficult recovery began across north texas after
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yesterday's series of destructive tornados in the dallas-fort worth area. damage from the storms stretches for miles. jay gray has more from one of the hardest hit communities. >> reporter: it has been a full day now since the storms and the shock is giving way to the reality of what has happened here. >> i have a lump in my throat. i don't know that it is really sinking in. >> reporter: at least 13 twir twisters on the ground. wind in some areas, over 160 miles an hour. ripping apart more than 600 homes including sherri's. >> i seen the funnel cloud. coming towards the house. and i was on the phone with my daughter. and she said, mom, she said, do you think you need to take cover. >> reporter: violent winds grew abigail and threw her across the house. a young boy tossed in the backyard. >> i was screaming on the phone to my daughter. it's here. i lost my cell phone. she thought we were dead. >> reporter: but they survived. some how, everyone in the strike
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zone did. >> the sirens worked. the early warnings worked. and that's why i think -- everybody is a live today. >> alive, but rattled. the emotions here as raw as the deep scars the tornados left behind. >> i don't know how you go on. i'm sure you will. but look at this. there its not a wall. >> reporter: so many struggling to try and pick up the pieces. >> i think trying to figure out where to start actually. >> reporter: where do you begin when your life and community has been splintered and scattered for miles. jay gray, news 4. it was really, really nice out there tonight. the weather i'm talking about. so nice, lot of people chose to eat outside. there in cleveland park, and elsewhere, all over town. supposed to get chilly tonight, doug? >> a little chilly tomorrow morning when you wake up and walk outside. already starting to feel the effects of the cold front that moved to our south.
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wind starting to pick up a little bit. wind will usher in cooler air. out there right now. cloud cover too. just done to the south of washington. you walk outside. it is just a gorgeous night out there. right now. but as i mention wind are starting to pick up. see the shower activity well down to the south. don't expect any rain overnight. temperatures to the north. little cooler. 46, state college. 43 in pennsylvania. 54 in hagerstown. 62 in washington. temperatures will go down. temperatures you are looking at now, current temperatures. they could be the high temperatures for tomorrow. as the that cold air settles on in here. i will show you howle cool things are going to get. tonight is not the coolest night. i will show you which night will be. >> a broken pipe cause aid commotion outside the white house. a construction crew working on renovations to the west wing, ste hit a service line. created the surge on west executive drive, separates the north lawn of the white house from the old executive office building.
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d.c. water crews got it shut off. >> i have easter cookies from the white house. >> yea! >> first lady michelle obama visited the fisher house at walter reid military center today. she met with several military families. the first lady thanks the vets for their service and phrased the work of the fisher house. >> for what you go through for this country, for what you sacrifice this should be the kind of place thatwell c welcom in times like these. she brought a couple surprises, bo, the family dog and invited awe the families to next week's easter egg roll. >> you may notice jets flying low in the district tomorrow morning. nasa is planning to fly two t-38s, 1500 feet above the city. they plan to do that between 9:30 and 11:00 a.m., the goal to see if it is possible to fly space shuttle "discovery" from florida and pass over the monuments. they want to fly low enough so
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people can see the space shuttle on top of the plane flying it. but not hit any monuments. nasa is plaining to move the discovery to the smithsonian's national air and space museum. they're expected to do that on april 17th. there is a new report out. it deals with transportation trouble spots in maryland. research group called t.r.i.p. study state and federal data and outline the top 40 projects that could improve the commute. the number one issue is a nearly $6 billion project to widen the beltway from the american legion bridge to wilson bridge. h.o.v. lanes would be added. bridges would be repaired. despite potential economic boost, the question who've would pay for it is unclear. some suggestions include a gas tax, tolls, or, public/private partnerships. >> the baltimore woman who claims to have the winning lottery ticket in maryland says she wishes it were all over.
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she called the news conference today with her attorney. but when news crews showed up she refused to talk or to show the ticket in question. wilson's attorney who says he hasn't actually seen the ticket himself asked every fwid leabode her alone. >> the deal is her blood pressure is up. her children are home on spring break. she need a chance to get back to her routine. as do the children. >> as the that drama plays out in baltimore, a mississippi television station today talked to a man living in maryland who also claimed to have the winning ticket. however, just a few moments ago he told news 4 the whole thing was a practical joke. that a friend had doctored his ticket as an april fool's joke. huh. >> still to come tonight -- >> tonight the man who carjacked this woman has learned his punishment. >> exactly who is this batman who was pulled over in a
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lamborghini. his identity is revealed. he saves the day at a maryland hospital. >> and a message in a bottle. more than a year
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the shootings after hurricane katrina sparked national outrage. today, five former police officers were sentence ford their roles in the deadly shootings of unarmed residents in new orleans. two people were killed and another four were injured on a
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new orleans bridge. less than a week after hurricane katrina hit. the officers will serve prison terms ranging from 6 to 65 years. >> the man responsible for violent carjacking, in prince george's county was sentenced today to life in prison. that's the 911 call, the woman made after she escaped from the car. her attacker is miguel morales and he slipped in her car at the gas staugs ation and hid until was home. the woman escaped at a traffic light. >> i offered him more than $1,00$100, $200 in cash. he didn't want that. he kept telling me to keep driving.
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i did what he asked. >> morales, faces an open warrant, for first degree rape in montgomery county. >> a 17-year-old will do jail time for shooting a child in the face last summer in maryland. it took a jury 2 1/2 hours to reach a guilty verdict today. convicted off salt a assault ana handgun. the woman was outside her apartment with her little boy when police say the man fired shots in her direction. one of the shots hit him. he is still recovering from injuries and faces several more surgeries. the man responsible for this unusual traffic stop in montgomery county played a real life super hero to sick kids in baltimore more to day. a few weeks ago, lenny robinson was pulled over, in the full batman regalia, his batmobile, a maz ra t lamborghini did not have proper
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tags. he was on his way to cheer up sick kids at the time. today we caught up with the baltimore businessman on the same mission at sinai children's hospital. he is dressed as the caped crusader, signed autographs and did his best to make the kids smile. >> and what did he tell you? >> to do a favor and get better. >> he was already here for treatment this morning. received his chemotherapy and blood work and for him to know batman was waiting for him when he was done was huge. >> super hero day, sinai hospital, sponsored by an organization called for hope for henry. a foundation that does special things, for kids with life threatening illnesses. >> who enjoyed that more, the kids or batman? >> nice move. >> out was awesome. had wonder woman there too. little early. quite a scene. quite a scene outside tonight. wonderful out there. >> you know what you walk outside, you eat dinner, and you look up, clear skies, the stars are all out, the moon starting to get a little bit more full, full moon. by tomorrow morning, you are
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going to need something else when you step outside. probably going to be the jacket. don't think it is going to be a cold morning. you will notice a chill, where we were earlier this morning. you can see it is, a pleasant night, and i have said that a ton this year. normally this time of year, you are still talking about getting over the winter. you didn't have much of a winter. many of the days like the one we had out there today. high of 76 degrees. well above the average of 63. the low this morning, 53 degrees. i do think we will drop into the 40s, for most areas, including the district. maybe some upper 30s. and to the west. record high, 86 degrees, just in case you are wondering. that was set in 1910. that was another very warm spring. high temperatures today. 73 in leesburg. 73 in manassas. 82 in fredericksburg. 78 in pax river. and coming in at 75 in easton and cambridge. out there right now. 62 degrees. sun is obviously gone down. winds out of north at 7 miles an
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hour. that northerly component to the wind is starting to cool things down. 63 right now unbaltimoin baltim. and cold air in central portions of pennsylvania. it is going to take its time getting here. it will be here during the day tomorrow. this is where the high temperatures will be during the day tomorrow. here is the cold front. continuing to make its way done to the south. and shower activity. roanoke, down around the norfolk area. no shower activity around our region. we are going to stay dry. once again we do need to see rain. we have started the growing season. we want, want, to sea some of the rain the especially for the farmers back to the west. along the eastern shore. parts of southern maryland. love to see rain out of the next couple storms. unfortunately, i don't see too many storms. even in the next seven days. future forecast showing, the rain we did see down to the south. statz stays to the south. gives way to colder air tomorrow. tomorrow is going to bea nice
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day. even though temperatures will be 10, 15 degrees cooler than where they were this afternoon. plenty of sunshine. i do think tomorrow and friday should be pretty nice. friday morning will be on the chilly side. maybe frost in some areas friday morning. mostly clear, a cool start. you may want to bring your jacket. with a little bit of a wind. gusting, 10, 20 miles an hour. tomorrow afternoon with sunshine. on the cooler side. temperatures, 56 to 62, for high temperatures we rebound, just in time for the weekend. i have 65 on your saturday. 70 on easter sunday. the weekend is looking fantastic. and next week, it does look like we will finally see a pattern shift, with temperatures in the mid 50s. if this pattern shift was in january or february. talking about, cold air and snow. it is in april. we're not talking about any of the things. >> why have no reason to complain. coming up next come connecticut to the united kingdom. the message in a bottle that traveled a long way.
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>> only april, mr. sports over here is already getting excited about the redskins. >> we are going to fed ex field in august to see preamble to the 2016 super bowl. >> as long as you are driving. >> exciting. >> doug will take us out there. >> yeah! >> andrew luck/robert griffin iii could be playing in august. two top picks in the nfl draft. teams with the picks, colts, redskins will play in the preseason. that will be the marquee game of the skins' preseason schedule.
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they'll start on the road against buffalo. go to soldier field. play chicago. afterwards. back hope. week three match up against the colts. that will be either on the 24th or 25th of august. haven't figured it out. they'll play tampa bay. some of the games will be broadcast here on nbc 4. the dates and times will be finalized at a later date. verizon center. wizards in the first game of a become to become to back. taking on indiana pacers. doesn't it seem like we play the pacers every week. every ten dates. this in fact was the third time in three weeks those two teams have met. i'm tired of indiana. wizards lost again. they lost the other two by a combined six points. here we go again. tired of losses too. wizards hoping to pull out a win. they fell behind early. second quarter. wizards down nine. mason. nice pass. threw it down. eight points for the rookie.
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wizards start to cut into the lead. they second quarter, jordan crawford, drives. off balance shot. got the bucket and one. big night for crawford. he can play. he led the wizard with 28 points. third quarter now. wiz down one. indiana miss. the pass to john wall. alley-oop. and gives the wiz a lead. up now. later. pacers up by one. danny granger. outside. sets up. three pointer. scored 20 for the pacers. they outscore the wizards. 34-23 in the third quarter. win, 109-96. wizard get another one. we heard that before. play at detroit tomorrow. on the diamond now. looking good. nationals finally begin playing the games tomorrow. and open against the cubs. steven straussburg will get the starts for the nats. first pitch scheduled for 2:20. don't miss it. tonight cardinals, marlins kicking off their season.
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opening night for the marlins park. used to look at that. they played last year. it was never anybody in there. that is sunny liston, knocked out by mohammed ali, all those years ago. top of the first. world series mvp. picking up where thee left off last october. two outs. single to left. two runs come home to score. three slides into second with a double. cardinals, 2-0 lead. picking up where they left off. all they needed. the pitcher on the mound. bottom of the fifth. pitching a no hitter. and sanchez looking. have a seat, my man. loesch struck out three. reyes says not tonight you won't. broke up the no hit bid with th. a big cheer. only thing to cheer about. that was it. cardinals win, 4-1. they'll be tough to beat this year. >> they have a neon green field.
11:28 pm
not excited about that. >> not as the bad as blue in utah or where that is. >> not
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almost a year and a half ago a connecticut man put a message in a bottle and tossed it in the bay near his house. he said he did it on a whim. but he actually got a response. jerry pope dropped the note with a return address in the bay. somebody found it last month about 4,000 miles away.
11:32 pm
that person sent jerry a postcard from the silislands so of england. he is excited to share the experience. he plans to send another message in a bottle later this year. >> ever done that? >> i haven't done that. >> i've didn't. >> never heard anything back. there is reason for hope. >> must have to do it from his place. mine is just going around and around. and "the tonight show" next.
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